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NEW RELEASE: Tied To You - Wild Side #2

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Miles Sorenson prides himself on his brutal honesty. Facts and logic are a hell of a lot easier to deal with than emotions. He’s got his career and a small, close-knit group of friends, and he doesn’t need nor want anything else. The total opposite of Quinn Barker, who doesn’t take life too seriously and thinks a good laugh can cure anything.
When Quinn takes Miles home, it’s supposed to be a one-time deal. Except they really click in the sack and end up spending the weekend together, enjoying each other's bodies as much as their company…to Miles’s dismay. Matters get even more muddled when, months later, they run into each other at the popular West Hollywood bar, Wild Side, and pick up right where they left off. On the surface, Quinn and Miles are like oil and water, but the draw between them is undeniable. As their lives further entwine, they realize there’s more to their connection than the way they singe the sheets together. But demons from the past have a way of catching up, and no matter how strong the link is tying Miles and Quinn together, the pressure may be enough to make it snap.
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I have read just about every book written by Riley Hart and absolutely loved every one
She is an amazing author and her stories are freaking out of this world

Tied To You is book 2 in the Wild Side Series, but its kinda book 3 because there is also a prequel book

Series Order
Prequel- Dare You To
Book 1- Gone For You
Book 2- Tied To You

All books can be read alone but are best read in series, just because they are awesome and you don't want to miss out on these lovely guys

I was really excited to read Miles' story from getting to know him in book 1
I absolutely loved Tied To You, his book has been so worth waiting for

Miles is totally against anything other than hook ups with guys... then he meets Quinn
He tells himself and Quinn that its just sex, nothing else... haha yeah right!!
From the moment these guys meet, you can just feel the chemistry/connection/sexual tension coming off the pages. I just knew that it was gunna be way more than just sex... no matter how much Miles keeps lying to himself

Miles and Quinn are perfect for each other
Quinn knows he has to handle Miles carefully or the littlest thing will scare him away, but he knows Miles is worth it

Tied To You is everything I've come to love about Riley's books
Full of laugh out loud moments, edge of your seat suspense, steamy hot sex, gripping storylines and a truly beautiful romance story

I freaking loved catching up with the guys from the other books and see them living happily with their partners <3

I am so, so excited to read Chance's book!!! He is the one guy I have been dying to read about since book 1
Argh!!! I just want to read his story like NOW!!!
So please, please Riley hurry and write Chance's book <3 <3

A Huge 5 Wild Side Stars... Amazing
  Quinn leaned back on the couch and crossed his arms. Miles knew he wasn’t going to say anything. That he would sit there and wait until Miles got out whatever he needed to get out, and he was partially thankful for it but also annoyed.
He didn’t want to feel like he could read Quinn and he sure as shit didn’t want Quinn to be able to read him. “You’re driving me out of my fucking mind.” Miles ran a hand over his head as he started to pace the room.
“Me? What did I do?” “I don’t fucking know and that’s the thing that’s driving me batshit crazy. I don’t like not having the answers, Quinn. One plus one is always two. It’s always been two for me, but now there are all these fucking variables that make me continuously come up with a different answer.”
He had no idea if what he was saying made any sense. It did in his head, but by the way Quinn’s brows knitted together, he was pretty sure Quinn had reduced him to speaking gibberish.
“Me spending the weekend with you? That was not one plus one equaling two. Me coming home with you from Wild Side and staying when you asked? Nope. Not two either. Asking about your past sure as hell wasn’t two and texting and emailing isn’t two and playing video games and telling you about my past is as far from fucking two as you can get.”
“So, I’m kind of like the anti-two?” Quinn asked and Miles stopped moving. He turned and looked at him and, motherfucker, he wanted to kiss him. Wanted to shove Quinn to his knees and force his cock into Quinn’s mouth and fuck it. “You’re ridiculous.”
“But you’re also smiling…and looking at me like you want to jump my bones. Looks like I might earn my treat after all.” He wanted to laugh. Damn it all to hell, he wanted to fucking laugh but this was serious to him. Miles needed to understand what was going on. “Why aren’t you two?” he asked, hating the vulnerability in his voice. He’d never been vulnerable to anyone in his life, outside of Chance and Oliver. Quinn sighed.
“Maybe I am two. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m just a really good fuck or maybe you realize you’re tired of keeping yourself closed off or maybe we’re destined to be best friends. Maybe we’ll just screw each other’s brains out for a few weeks and then never see each other again, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. You can’t always have the answers.” “But I need them,” he said simply, because it was true.”


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Riley Hart is the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s a hopeless romantic, a lover of sexy stories, passionate men, and writing about all the trouble they can get into together.
She loves reading, flawed characters, and hanging out with her husband and children, who she adores. She and her family live in Southern California, soaking up the sunshine while also missing seasons. Not a day goes by that she isn’t thankful she gets to wake up and do what she loves.
Life is good. Riley also writes young adult and new adult under the name Nyrae Dawn.

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