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BOOK TOUR: Urgent Care- Hearts & Health #3

 Length: 61,500 words 


Hearts And Health Series
Heart Trouble (BooK #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK

Bedside Manner (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK

Nursing student Xavier James is shocked to run into the first man to ever break his heart while at a gay club. His ex is sexier than ever, but Xavier is not going down that road again ... only, when they end up working together at an urgent-care clinic, his willpower will be tested.

Trent Cavendish made a huge mistake at age 18 when he walked away from his first love. Twelve years later, Trent is rattled when his friend suddenly dies. He takes a hard look at his life, realizing how empty it has become. Determined to re-evaluate his priorities and make amends, he returns to his hometown to win Xavier's forgiveness and maybe even his heart.

Times have changed. Instead of the sweet but tame boyfriend he left behind, he finds a smoking hot man dressed in bits of lace and silk. Trent's good intentions turn to lust, and love isn't far behind. But Xavier is wary. The villain of his memories is proving to be a decent guy, but has he really changed or is Xavier just a new goal to chase?
Urgent Care is book 3 in the Health & Hearts series
Each book can be standalones but are best read as a series
This is the second book I've read in the series and by this author, and wow these books just keep getting better
After reading Bedside Manner (Review Here) I was really excited to read Xavier's story, we know he is going through some stuff and I just could tell his book was going to be great... and damn it was that and more

Omg... I freaking adore Xavier, he is just an all round amazing guy
Trent... well, at first I really wanted to smack him!!
Some of the stuff he said to Xavier in anger really broke my heart... I felt the words and emotions as if they were aimed at me
Trent really broke X's heart

When Trent returns years later, I was so happy to see X didn't just give in and take him back... even though x clearly still loved Trent
X really makes Trent prove himself... and Trent did. He really turns himself around
I just fell in love with Trent from then on, he done everything in his power to make up for his past mistakes and for hurting X

Urgent Care is an absolutely amazing read, It feels so real reading it
I felt as if I was right there with the characters, I felt every emotion
Its not all hurt and heartache... its a beautiful story of two soulmates finally re-connecting and getting their happy ever after
Omg... Xavier was so freaking funny, he often had me smiling like a loon and laughing out loud

Fave quotes/parts- Xavier sat up and punched his pillow. "I'm imagining this is your face."
he turned a dirty look on Trent. :)

"I own a whole collection of lingerie. I save them for the men who get to see me naked."
Trent's laughter cut short, and Xavier concentrated on zipping up his bag and putting it in the corner of the closet. The whole time he felt Trent's eyes on him
"That was mean," Trent said finally. Xavier looked up with a smirk. "I know"

I absolutely loved every word of this book and can not wait for what comes next in this series
I'm not sure who's book will be next... I am hopeless romantic, So I am praying Xavier's nephew and Trent's kinda nephews will get together... ohh that would be so good
They both live in the same town now and X's nephew is a sweetheart and Trent's is kind of in a bad place... ohh the possibilities 
DJ please write these guys a book :)

A Freaking Amazing Addition to a Brilliant Series... 5 Star
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Author Bio
DJ Jamison worked in newsrooms for more than 10 years, which helped tremendously when she began her series centered on The Ashe Sentinel, a fictional small-town newspaper in Kansas. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and three glow-in-the-dark fish.

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