Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Review - Nothing Special V by A.E.Via

The Boys are back!!!

Nothing Special V
Book 5 - Nothing Special Series
Author - A.E VIA

5/5 Sexy Badass Stars 

I have seriously been waiting for this book since I read the series at the beginning of the year... and OMG it's was sooo worth the wait

Nothing Special V is book 5 in the Nothing Special series
Each book can be read as a standalone but read the series it's amazing

The book is told in 4 guys POV.. God, Day, Tech & Steele 

My fave quotes from the book - "Life is to short to live with regret, The only guaranteed way to get what you want.... is to take it" - Steele

- "Just because you took a dump in a box and wrapped it in a pretty bow, doesn't mean it's still not Shit" - Steele 

The book starts off with an amazing prologue "The Proposal" of God & Day (totally loved it) 
And then the book really starts.... We are thrown straight in at the deep end and the story starts right in the middle of the action
We are back with the Atlanta Narcotics Department, God & Day's bad ass team... and all the gang are featured which is awesome because we get to catch up with all the characters that are featured in the previous books

Nothing Special V is Tech and Steele's story (mostly), but was also catch up with God & Day to see how they are getting along

Detective Shawn "Tech" Murphy Is the tech expert on the team, he is smart as hell, preppy, shy and a little insecure but he is still one damn good detective, he is a bad ass in his own way but on a team full of macho, huge alphas he feels a little left out. All they guys appreciate him, love him and treat him like a brother, they know he is an important part of their team.. but Tech would love the chance to prove himself out on the streets and show the guys he has what it takes out in the field

We also meet Edwin Steele, Steele is a 3rd generation marine, he is a total bad ass... he has gone through a lot of awful stuff and lost someone really close, which has left him a little broken. He has left the marines and is now a little lost. His uncle can't stand by and watch his self destruction, he needs to be out doing good, helping people, making a difference... he needs to be part of a team again... so he sets him up with God & Day,, the uncle knows them personally and what an awesome team/brotherhood they have, he thinks Steele will be a perfect addition and it's exactly what Steele needs right now.... and that's how Tech & Steele meet
From the moment they meet there is an instant connection, you can feel the sexual tension coming of the pages... and that's when their story begins..

In Nothing Special V you get everything you could possibly want from an amazing book.. action, suspense, swoon moments, sex (lots of it) and also some sad moments
The action was that well written that I could picture the whole thing play out in my head like a movie.. a bad ass movie
The sex was hot as hell.. which I have come to expect from this author... boy can she write sex scenes (blush) 
The funny moments, I found I laughed a lot while reading this book, the banter between the guys is hilarious, I love how much they joke around with each other. The best and funniest thing about the whole book is "The Enforcers" Green & Ruxs.. nearly every scene that they are in is hilarious, they are absolutely amazing characters.. they stuff they do and say had me in kinks, laughing so much my partner kept giving me funny looks.. they are 2 of the craziest guys ever and I absolutely adore them ๐Ÿ’œ they are freaking amazing๐Ÿ’œ

I freaking love, love, loved that we get a little snippet at the end of Genesis & Curtis.. I adore those two cuties... I'm hoping we get a full book from them as the little snippet left me wanting more

There is not one thing I can honestly say I dislike about Nothing Special V.. seriously not one thing 
It was bad ass, hilarious, the whole team are crazy as hell and I love them dearly
Since I finished reading I have been in a happy bubble, I find myself remembering something from the book and find myself smiling or blurt out a random laugh.. (I'm sure my family thinks I'm crazy).. that's what these characters and books do to me,, I can't express enough how much I love them ๐Ÿ’œ

During the book we meet Free and Hart.. these two guys will be featured in book 6, we get a little tease of something brewing between them.. ohhh it looks like it's gonna be another great book, I can't wait ๐Ÿ’œ

A.E VIA has truly out done herself with Nothing Special V... 
The writing, storyline, characters.... everything is absolutely flawless
She is a truly amazingly talented author... whom I will forever love for introducing me to these exceptional guys ๐Ÿ’œ

Nothing Special Series
Book 1-  Nothing Special
Book 4- Don't Judge

Spin-off series- Bounty Hunters
Book 1- Promises
Book 2- Promises Part 2


  1. Nice to know when you read these you will never be let down

  2. Oh Wowww love these guys already
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  3. Read the whole series love every single one.

  4. This series is sooo good that it makes waiting for each new release almost unbearable. Love these guys! ❤️

  5. Haven't seen these before A E is a new writer for me so I am happy to see I will be getting some great books