Monday, 5 December 2016


WRAITH book 6 in The Olympians series is NOW LIVE !!! 

What's the story ? 

Shifter Wraith Panthera has spent most of his life in a cage. Now, he lives in Seattle with other rescued shifters, surrounded by the people who saved them. His urges are strong, though, and he fears his panther side will endanger others if he can't get it under control. When he discovers he must attend a summer camp as protector to one of the Twelve Olympians, he's not singing 'Kumbaya.' Still, it does give him a chance to get to know his charge better. His hot, handsome, sensitive charge. Pass the s'mores. 

Jordy Crain wants to do good things with his life. A trip as a summer camp counselor will give him the opportunity he's always wanted -- a chance to teach. Additionally, it should be interesting spending more time with his guardian, a panther shifter named Wraith. Wraith's panther is beautiful, unpredictable and violent. But Jordy sees only good in the shifter assigned to protect him. The sexy, jade-eyed, sweet shifter. Class is definitely in session.

As the two bond, Wraith realizes his feelings for the Olympian are causing major butterflies in his stomach. Jordy is attracted to another man for the first time. As with every relationship, there are ups and downs -- but Wraith's down may be deadly for Jordy. 

Can they work out a lasting relationship? Or will Wraith's panther remained untamed?

Grab your copy here >> WRAITH

Omg guys I have been so looking forward to the release of this book..
I recently found this author when I was looking for a new read and came across The Men of Manhatten series ( which by the way is a MUST READ, those guys are so freaking hot ❤️).. which then lead me to The Assasin Shifters 😍
The Olympian series is a spin off series from The Assasin Shifters, it can be read as a standalone series but I highly recommend you read The Assasin Shifters first, as you meet all of the guys in that series and also because the series is EPIC !!!... and it's one of my all time fave series.

I have been really busy lately but I now have a quiet night so I am about to dive into Wraith 📚 

My review will follow soon 💙

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